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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Intervals, intervals, (fast) intervals...

We had a nice, blow out the lungs speed workout with Gilbert's Gazelles Tuesday morning....
1.5 mile warm up
4 x 2,000 meters on the paved road around the soccer fields across the street from Zilcher Park at 10k pace with about a two-minute rest between each interval
1.5 mile cool down
My 2k times/min per mile paces....
1 - 7:25 (5:59 min/mile)
2 - 7:19 (5:54 min/mile)
3 - 7:44 (6:14 min/mile) I paid for running the second interval too hard. Wasn't quite "recovered" before running this one.
4 - 7:32 (6:04 min/mile)
As you can see, these paces are closer to my 5k times than my 10k times. (My best 10k is about a 6:45 min/mile pace, which means I should have run these 2k intervals no faster than 8:30 or so - 8:30 as in total time, not pace.)
But then again, my best 10k was in March. And besides, as I've said here many times, when you run with a group of people, a race always breaks out.
Still, I should have been smarter. The first interval felt pretty good. No heavy breathing. (Well, there was some heavy breathing, but I was not sprinting or anything). The second interval I just got totally stupid. Me and this other guy kept exchanging "the lead" and it did kinda sorta turn into a race the last 100 meters. When it was time to start the third interval, my lungs were still "spasming" and I took an extra 10 to 15 seconds after everyone from my group took off before I took off. This was the hardest interval. My breathing was most labored here, my legs hated me but my mind said keep going, keep going and I finally started feeling like myself during the final 50 or so meters. I actually felt better during the last interval and think if I had maintained this pace for the first two intervals, it would have been a successful workout.
Still, I have to admit that I am blown away that I could hit sub 6-minute mile pace twice duing the workout. The total workout amounts to 8k (4.96 miles) in exactly 30 minutes, a tidy 6:03 min/mile pace.
Chicago is coming, Chicago is coming!!!


Blogger lindsay said...

Speedy! While the 3rd interval was a good bit off from the others, it was still faster than your technical goal pace... A great speed workout to me--now how are you feeling in the speed+stamina department?

August 25, 2010 at 7:37 AM  
Anonymous saucony running shoes said...

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