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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fighting for my love and affection

I did a lot of sole searching and decided it was time to end the affair.
The new squeeze has caused too much pain, suffering, and a trail of guilt.
I've figured for the longest that it was time to get that old flame back which has carried me through the years, through every major step I've taken.
So the other night, I swallowed my pride and reclaimed what was once mine: The Brooks Adrenaline.
I've been an Adrenaline wearer since the GT5 model, in 2004. They fit my feet perfectly. Sleek, not too heavy or bulky. Just enough support for my somewhat flat feet.
I ran both marathons in them. But I was a younger runner back then and strayed to other shoes from time to time. There was sexy Saucony. Naughty Nike and New Balance.
I was going out with Adrenaline during my 2007 marathon training. But my feet were really sore and I was looking for a new love. (Hmmm, maybe my feet hurt because I ran 7 consecutive weeks of more than 40 miles including a 45-mile week, and a 50-mile week, not to mention back-to-back weekends with a long run of 18 to 20 miles.)
The Luke's Locker people told me the support on the Asics was the same as the Adrenaline.
So in late December I switched to Asics 2130s, dumping Adrenaline.
The early dates were great. (Isn't the early part of a relationship always blissful?)
I won my age group in a 5K on January 1. I got faster and faster during my 6-mile tempo runs on Tuesday mornings.
But throughout my entire affair with Asics, I always had nagging feet or leg soreness, especially on the inside of my feet, like there was not quite enough support.
At the beginning of March, I took a little more than two weeks off to heal (I guess I needed some alone time), thinking maybe my feet and lower legs hurt from overuse.
But, and this is the first time I've written this, the soreness came back, in the same spots. (In relationship speak: Me and Asics argued too much about the same stuff)

Even when I just walked around the house in Asics, my feet felt weak, like the shoe/relationship was going to give way.
So, walking into Luke's Locker after I got off work Monday and slipping on a pair of Adrenalines, the GT8s, was like, "ahhhh."
My feet said, "Welcome back, Adrenaline."
We went on our first "date" Tuesday morning, and it was just like old times, feet floating effortlessly along the route that takes us from Luke's Locker, past Colonial Country Club and back. I ran hard, but not all out, for the first 5k, and near the end of that, I was doing 7:20s.
Guess I'm back in love with Adrenaline.
For now, at least.



Blogger rundangerously said...

i'm an old fashioned new balance guy - the 858's now, and the previous incarnations for years!

April 23, 2008 at 12:20 PM  
Blogger peter said...

You couldn't get me out of my Asic Foundations. I have been with all of them, Nos. 1-7. I became very good friends with Brooks Addiction (who named this shoe!) just for a change, but I'm true to Asics. I graduated to Asic Evolutions and loved No. 1, but No. 2 broke my heart and hurt my heel (too big in the back, my foot moves). It has the same pedigree, how could that be? But I have never even looked at Nike, New Balance or Sacophony, and the Reeboks I got for coaching a Reebok Training progam stay in their box. If flames could forever stay young and not move on, I'd spend forevermore with Asic Foundation Six.

April 24, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

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