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Friday, April 11, 2008

NFL scouts would not like my measurables

I’m 5 feet 9, 166 pounds and I run the 40-yard dash in 9.5 seconds _ on a good day.
Why mention my 40-yard-dash time? The NFL is holding its annual draft in two weeks and the 40-yard-dash is its signature test.
Most linemen run it in 5 seconds; most wide receivers and running backs run it in 4.5 seconds. Most super-humans (the really really fast guys) run it under 4.4 seconds.
In my prior life as a sportswriter, Deion Sanders once told me, “I run 4.2s for breakfast.”

Needless to say, the NFL scouts would scoff at my time.

Of course, if all I had to do was run 40 yards, I could run it much faster. In college, I ran it once in about 4.8 seconds. But that was more than 20 years ago.

No, my 9.5 second time in the 40 as I near the age of 40 is more about my 5K pace.
This morning, I did 4x1000 meter intervals at 5k pace, which for me is about a 7-minute mile.
Extrapolating the data, I calculated that...
Someone who takes 7 minutes to run a mile covers 40 yards every 9.5 seconds.
A 10-minute-miler covers 40 yards every 13.6 seconds.
An elite 5-minute-miler covers 40 yards every 6.8 seconds.

If Deion Sanders, who has been out of the league for years now, could hold his 4.2-second 40-yard dash time for a 5K race, he'd run an incredible 3:05 minute per mile pace, finishing in 9:34, smashing the world record.

We "normal" runners may never be as quick as the guys who play in the NFL. But it’s a good bet that none of the NFL players could hold their "NFL speed" for a entire 5k.

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