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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Run the Boston Marathon, for only $20

If you ever think about cheating to gain entry into the Boston Marathon, here's some advice: Don't do it.

On the Letsrun message boards, someone spotted an ad on ebay with a guy offering to sell his Boston Marathon bib. This would allow someone who didn't qualify to run in last Mondays Boston Marathon a chance to run. And not just run in the back, but near the elites. The seller had qualified by running a 2:30 at his qualifying race.
His opening bid was about $20 and soared to more than $400. He said he couldn't run because he was injured.
His ad read like this:

If you have ever dreamed of running the Boston Marathon and being in the front, take advantage of my unfortunate injury, by bidding on my entry.

Because I cannot run, I am letting someone else enjoy the race. I qualified in a time of under 2:30, so you will be in the first corrale, in the front.

The winner will receive all of the details, bib number, etc...I will be in Boston anyways cheering on my fellow elite runners, so I can pick up my low number and all the other give aways and then hand them over to you.

You will most likely need to run under my name, but you receive the finisher medal, get to start in the front, and enjoy the entire experience.

Consider running with Lance Armstrong, presidential candidate Huckaby and a host of other famous, elite runners.

Enjoy the prestige of running the Boston Marathon and the millions of people cheering you on.

If you win, I will meet you at the Boston Marathon Expo on either Saturday or Sunday before the race Monday, April 21.Good luck...once in a lifetime chance for some people.

Bid with confidence after checking my feedback.

The Letsrun forumites were furious. They figured out who the guy was (a pretty fast marathon runner from Columbus, Ohio) and reported him to the Boston Athletic Association.
The guy didn't sell his bib, or at least no one with that bib number, 1071, crossed the finish line.
Still, his attempt to profit drew lots of attention, not only from, but from the RunnersWorld forum and an article in today's New York Times, titled Cheating Starts Before Race Does.

Personally, I think they should have left the guy alone. I'm a runner and I hope to qualify for Boston one day, honestly. But if I'm running down Boylston Street and find out the guy or gal running next to me got in the race because they bought a bib number, it won't bother me one bit.



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