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Monday, August 4, 2008

Marathon training restart

I'm just getting back from Austin where I celebrated Noah's 1st birthday.

I stayed away from blogging and from running. (This is my longest time away from running since March. It's time to re-start the marathon training).

Noah is growing up so fast. He is, they say, cruising. He can pull himself up and walk around a couch or an ottoman. Being away from him so much, I always wonder if he'll remember me when I come to town every two weeks. When I got to Austin and opened the door, he jumped off his grandmother's lap and crawled/rolled/stumbled to me as fast as he could. So sweet.

He didn't eat his birthday cake, and in fact, he seemed afraid of it. But he ate the carrots. Weird. We had a petting zoo for him. But he didn't like the Llamas or the goat. but he laughed a lot and probably didn't get any sleep or nap time the whole time I was there.

He looks really good and is really happy and I have to give his mother all the credit. She'd ask him, "How old are you?" and he'd grunt and put up one finger. The mothers of a lot of his friends came over and they sang happy birthday to him and he'd clap his hands when they were done and it took everything I had not to just start balling my eyes out.

I am really itching to get back running. I was going to run 12 miles last Friday morning, but there was lightning everywhere. I was going to run 6 miles Sunday morning, but I had a bad hangover from drinking so much after Noah's birthday party.

So this week, I should be ready. I'm supposed to do about 35 to 40 miles with a 14 mile long run on Saturday with 5 hill repeats. I gotta get my eating back on track and make sure I get enough sleep and I should be okay.

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Blogger Just_because_today said...

Good luck. I find the week when my long run is 18 miles the hardest.

August 5, 2008 at 8:30 AM  

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