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Saturday, December 5, 2009

White Rock Marathon countdown: 8 days

How I'm feeling? Confident. No aches. No pains.

But then again, I felt confident going into Portland. And then what - I crapped my pants.

But now _ NOW _ I have a little more mental information about my body than I did before Portland. I've stayed away from pasta, tomato sauce, and dairy (except for half and half in my coffee) and my runs have been more consistent. I'm not having these unexplained lulls in energy that I'd have in some training runs before Portland when I was indulging in Italian food every other day.

And I'm also drinking water during the runs only when I am thirsty. See, that's something else I noticed - I rarely drink water during training runs and half marathons and do just fine. During marathons, I start gulping from Mile 2 on because that's what the experts say I should do and the water just makes me feel sluggish.

Now, something else may pop up during White Rock. But there is just no friggin reason, no reason I shouldnt be able to run 3:30-something in Dallas next week.

No reason.

Blink. sigh. gasp.

After Portland, I had four runs of 17 miles or longer and each run I averaged sub 8:00 min/mile. The last long run, a 20-miler, I averaged 7:30 for the first 17 miles before calf cramps slowed my pace to 8;30 over the last three miles. This morning, I went out for a leisurely 7-miler and ended up averaging 7:02 pace the last four miles. And I'd say, because it was a perfect weather day for running, my effort level was 65 percent.

So, again, I feel good. And I can't wait.



Blogger Mark said...

Kevin, forget Portland, never mention it again. Don't bring it up in every sentence you write or speak. It's in the past, leave it there. Focus only positive thoughts towards Dallas this weekend.

December 7, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

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