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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back with Team Rogue

As the 15th Street hill was kicking my booty near the end of the Austin Half Marathon Sunday, I promised that I would start running consistently with Rogue, especially because all they do is run hills.
I didn't really know if I could wake up at 4:30 Tuesday morning for the 5:30 AM start, but I did, and so out the door I went. And let me tell you, Rogue doesn't have a run without hills.
We went north up Congress, through the UT Campus and north up Duval, then back. It was 10 of the most painful miles I've ever run, what, with my legs still smarting from Sunday's half marathon. But I got through the run in one piece, averaging about an 8:20 mile for the run. It was a nice easy pace, and if the gang I was running with (Michael, Lisa, Nedra, Wendy) would have wanted to slow down, I would have been just fine with that.
Hopefully, I can keep this up and get back into the rhythm I had last summer, when I never missed a Tuesday/Thursday Rogue run.


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