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Monday, March 10, 2008

The phone call you never want to get

A little after 1 a.m. Saturday morning, my cell phone rings. It's my brother, Cedric. I don't answer it because my brother has called me before after midnight and usually he is returning my phone call or just wanting to talk about sports. Though, I remember thinking he'd never called this late. But he didn't leave a message, so I figured it could not be too bad.
About 10 a.m. Saturday, I went out for a 10-mile run (more on that later). When I got back, I had a voice mail from my sister, Casey. “Kevin,” she said, “your little brother was admitted to the hospital last night. He was complaining of chest pains. It's something with his heart.”
Casey was actually in the hospital room with Cedric. So she passed the phone to him.
“Hey, dude, what happened?” I asked him.
“Man,” he said, sounding groggy from just waking up. “My chest just started hurting and my arm felt weird, so Robert (his best friend) took me in to get it looked at. I'm okay.”
Well, of course, I had to see for myself. So I made the 40-minute drive to the hospital and you know all kinds of things raced through my mind. My family doesn't have a history of heart problems. There have been some strokes, to be sure. An aneurysm. But no heart stoppages.
Cedric was sitting up laughing when I got to his hospital room. A medic told him he the lining around his heart might be inflamed, though they'd need to do a chest echo a week later to be sure. Thought it might be stress-related. Cedric is going through a divorce, and working two jobs _ one of which includes trying to run his own newspaper. The nurse also told him it could be heart burn. All of his tests came back fine, his blood work was fine. They released him a few hours later, told him to get some rest, get rid of the stress, and take aspirin.
Hopefully, this doesn't turn out to be anything serious.
Running update: I ran 10 miles Saturday in just a little more than 1:30. It was my longest run since I did 12 miles on Feb. 9. It started off as my worst run ever. My right leg was killing me. And before the run, I had a Cliff Bar that didn't agree with my stomach. But I gutted it out, started feeling better at mile 4 and finished ok. My right leg is still giving me all kinds of problems. It might be shin splints, though it seems to be weird that it is just on one leg. I didn't run Sunday or Monday morning. This is turning out to be my worst injury ever. A call to my physician is on the horizon.
A special visitor: My 7-month old son, Noah, and his mother, Nancy, came to visit me Saturday night. They'll be here for a week. They look great. Noah definitely has Nancy's eyes, but he has my nose and cheeks. He eats a lot.

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