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Friday, March 7, 2008

Too much Cabernet, not enough 5k

On Feb. 19, I wrote in a post that I thought the reason I was not losing weight was because I was drinking too much wine. I said I would limit my wine drinking to the weekends. At the time, my weight was 171 pounds. That was 16 days ago. I was 167 pounds this morning.
But......... I have not exactly kept the promise to myself of not drinking during the week. Stressed from work, I stopped at Put a Cork In It Wine and got a bottle of Santa Ema Reserve Merlot Maipo Valley. Yummy, yummy. You put this stuff in a big wine glass and you can smell the leather, and it is very chocolaty.
The week before, I also had a mid-week bottle of wine, a 2005 Yountville Napa Valley Cabernet from Charles Krug by the Peter Mondavi family. This is a big cab, I mean big. And smooth. I taste some coffee, some cherries. Awesome tannins. Long finish.
So, I drank, but I still lost weight.
So maybe the wine drinking was not the blame for my once expanding waistline. I looked at my running log and noticed that my running pace has been sub 9:00 minute per mile in six of the 11 runs since I swore off drinking during the week. In the 11 runs before I made that promise, only three of my runs averaged a pace faster than a 9-minute mile.
So, here's what this tells me: Run fast, drink wine, lose weight. Run slow, drink wine, maintain weight.
Well, it's a lot more fun to run fast and drink wine. But, I'll keep it in moderation. I will only drink one bottle during the week (if that) and not limit myself during the weekend.
I know, I sound like I should be in AA.

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Blogger Michael said...

For what it's worth, I find that my morning runs after an evening with wine are typically slower (and therefore shorter unless I get up earlier) than my morning runs after an evening with no wine. Maybe there's still an indirect link between the wine and the weight.

March 12, 2008 at 10:00 AM  

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