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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Giving credit where credit's due

With a blog, you always hope you are relevant, or funny, or creative, or all three. Sometimes its hard to come up with things to write, though if you've checked out my last few posts _ that's not so hard after races.
Today, I'd like to point out a running blog that is pretty long on humor, creativity, and relevance: This is the kind of blog I aspire to. I found this blog because it was linked off the Science of Sport blog, which is very long on relevance if you are into the science, of, well, sport _ particularly running and biking.
Anyway, one of the cool things on half-fast is a little contest that they are putting on. Its called the, “Shave your 5K challenge.” Basically, take a time you've run a 5K between December and March, post it to the half-fast blog, then, run another 5K from Oct. to Nov. and there is some kind of prize for the person whose time improves the most. So, if you run a 30-minute 5K in February and shave 3 minutes off that time in December, that's an improvement of 10 percent. Whereas a 22 minute 5K runner who knocks off 1 minute by December only improves by 5 percent.
Other sites I like: Jim2s running blog. This is a guy who has been running for years and has good answers to any kind of marathon training question you might have. Again, its one man's opinion, but neat stuff. I especially like the post about how to figure your marathon pace. Jim basis it on miles per week and your most recent 10k time.
Also, has a database of more than 1,700 blogs about running, and a lot of other cool stuff.

The weight issue: I didn't run today. This will be a recovery week before I start training, for, who knows what next week. But, in an earlier post I wrote that I think my wine-drinking was making it difficult to lose weight (I was drinking two glasses a night on most nights). I promised myself I would only drink on weekends and I kept that promise. I drank wine, albeit lots of it, Saturday after the Cowtown and Sunday. But, wooo-hooo, the weight is starting to come off. I think I was 171 a few weeks ago and I was 167 when I stepped on the scale this morning. Remember, they (they? Who is they?) said you shave 2.5 seconds per mile off your time for every pound you lose, so I'm already 10 seconds faster.
I still miss the wine at nights.

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Blogger Topher said...

Hi Kevin,
Found your blog on Complete Running. I, too, am a fan of Half-Fast. Personally, looks like he either has too much time on his hands at work, or was born with about 10-people's worth of humor. Either way, glad he's around. I'd never heard the bit about shaving 2.5 sec off your time for each pound lost. That's definitely a great motivation to shed some pounds.

March 7, 2008 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Kevin Lyons said...

Hi, Topher, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I saw that 2.5 seconds per pound study on some running web site. Can't remember which one. But it's definitely great motivation.

March 7, 2008 at 8:58 PM  

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