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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shameless self-promotion and revealing swimwear

Something I found on the Web this morning: Speedo has made a new swimsuit that has led to 12 new world records since February. The suit is $550. (You can get two regular suits for less at the Men's Wearhouse _ I guarantee it). It _ the Speedo suit, is made of extremely lightweight, water repellent fabric -- electronically bonded rather than sewn together -- with special panels to reduce drag. The Science of Sport is having a big debate about the swimsuit as you read this blog. Now, the first question that comes to my mind is: Where is the invention like that for runners? How about some springy socks that lessen the impact on your bones and joints and keep you from getting injuries. Or a running short that detects how much sweat you've lost and replenishes your electrolytes so you don't have to lug water bottles on long runs. In short, I want something that stops me from cramping, keeps me from getting tired, and helps me set all kinds of personal records. Now is that asking too much.

I discovered the Web site, Best of Blogs the other day. They are running this contest for, well, the best blogs. You can nominate yourself or have someone else nominate you. I can think of a dozen bloggers who are funnier than me or have more subscribers. But as a shrink I once had said, "If you don't love you, nobody will." So like a big doofus, I nominated myself. So go to the site and nominate yourself, or vote for me. Voting begins April 14.

As you can see, I had some time on my hands because I didn't run this morning, taking the advice of fellow blogger P.O.M. to go back easy after being sidelined for 16 days with a lower right leg injury. I did have some soreness after Monday morning's run, but I will be out on the trails Wednesday.

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