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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

He really does run the show in Iraq

As Gen. David H. Petraeus (he is the guy who heads up our troops in Iraq) was testifying before a Senate panel Tuesday about whether or not we should get the heck out of dodge over there, the astute editors at Runner's World dug up an article they wrote about Petraeus last December. Turns out, Petraeus is just like one of us, a runner, though, a bit more extreme than many of us.
The Runner's World writer, Willy Stern, got an interview with Petraeus in Iraq. Petraeus and 21 other soldiers did a 5.7-mile loop, writes Stern.
Petraeus came in at a pace under six minutes per mile, and, Stern notes that this is a guy with a metal plate in his pelvis and a gunshot wound on his chest (courtesy of a training accident).
Here is more of the Runners World interview with Petraeus.

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