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5ksandcabernets: Teased, tired, and now back to basics


Monday, March 31, 2008

Teased, tired, and now back to basics

So after 16 days of inactivity, I ran 25 miles last week.
Probably ran way too fast. 8:30 miles are a smidge faster than easy pace and the week has left my legs feeling achy.
I guess I came back too hard too soon. Its just that that first day back teased me. It was so easy, so inviting. I had that runners high thing going on that the scientists discovered last week.
But now, after an 8-miler Saturday and rest Sunday, my feet hurt. My legs hurt.
Reality has hit me over my freshly cut head: Running is hard. Running is grueling. Running can break your heart. But its one of the loves of my life, and so I keep coming back.
This week its back to the basics.
*I'm swigging the blackstrap molasses to keep my electrolyte balanced.
*I'm going to try to be in bed by midnight.
*I'm going to limit the wine drinking to one bottle during the week. (It's gonna be hard, though. I just found that the liquor store down the street has several cases left of Guenoc Petite Syrah North Coast from 2001 selling for just $13 a bottle.)
*I'm going to try not to eat out so often.
*I'm going to try to keep my heart rate under 80 percent for every run except for one: My Tuesday morning 6-mile tempo run with the gang from Luke's Locker. You know how it is when you run with other people. You don't wanna be the last lug in the group.

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Blogger P.O.M. said...

See... you're limiting to one bottle a week. That's great. I was drinking a bottle every two days. So I am jsut going to cut back for the week. Then if the scale is nice to me on Friday, I will drink this weekend. hee hee.

March 31, 2008 at 4:16 PM  

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