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I almost mugged a homeless guy

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5ksandcabernets: I almost mugged a homeless guy


Thursday, April 3, 2008

I almost mugged a homeless guy

I think I'm losing my mind.
I had a computer training meeting in downtown Fort Worth Wednesday morning.
Before I left the house, I grabbed my phone then grabbed a handful of quarters for the meter.
I get downtown. I feed the meter, run across the street and realize I don't have my phone.
Must have left it in the car, I thought.
I check the car. Its not there. Must have put it on top of the car while I was feeding the meter. Its not on the car or on the ground.
The whole time this is going on, a homeless guy had walked by and was now about three blocks away. He must have my phone, I thought.
I ran down Fifth Street and caught up with him before he crossed Throckmorton Street.
I wondered what I should say to him. Should I pat him down?
"Excuse me, sir, " I asked. At least I was nice.
"Yeah," he said, turning around.
"Do you have a phone?" (Notice I didn't say, "do you have my phone." This was a very calculating question on my part. Didn't want to come off like I was blaming him)
"What the heck would I be doing with a phone," he said.
At that instant, I realized that when I grabbed the quarters in the change jar at my home, I put my phone down. And never picked it up again.
After the meeting, I drove home. My phone was lying on the couch.

Another glass of 5ksandcabernets
I hadn't run since Tuesday morning, so I made myself do 5 miles today. It was hard. The night before, I drank three glasses of Hess Estate Allomi Cabernet Sauvignon with Circle30 at Zambrano Wine Cellar. I also ate half a pizza. On the running trail this morning, it took three miles before I felt "normal." But I met my goal of not running too fast, that is, keeping my run under 80 percent of my max heart rate.

It's hard to run that slow, but I figure if I can do this enough, I'll reduce the chances of re-injuring myself.

Here were the splits
1: 10:22
2: 9:55
3: 9:20
4: 9:19
5: 9:09




Anonymous Patrick M. Walker said...

This reminds me of what happened to me at a Mavs game a few years ago. At halftime, I went to buy a beer and got back only a few dollars in change. Without thinking twice, I loudly told the concession worker that I had given her a $20 and was owed $10 more. She looked surprised but, perhaps not wanting a scene in front of other customers, gave it to me. Still bracing for confrontation, I clenched the money in one hand and walked away. When I got back to my seat, I opened my wallet and saw the $20 I thought I had given her. Feeling about 6 inches tall, I walked back down and returned the $10 to her.

April 6, 2008 at 9:37 PM  

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