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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brooks Ghost: I love this shoe.

Saturday: 14.21 miles in 1:48:13 (7:36 pace)

Sunday recover run: 11.17 miles in 1:31:42 (8:12 pace)

I've run five consecutive days now for the first time since probably last September when I was training for Portland. I've hit 40 miles a week for the third time in four weeks, the most running I've done since last October, early November, when I was training for White Rock.

I did Saturday's run in the Etonic Praya NC3s. Felt good. After the run, I stopped into Rogue's running store and bought a pair of Brooks Ghost. I had read that a lot of people like the shoe, but they didnt like the sockliner because it was too much for their arches. So, I took the sockliner out of my now shelved Brooks Adrenalines and slipped them in the Ghosts for Sunday's run.

My feet love these shoes. Love them. And I can say that about them after just one run on tired legs.

So now, I can rotate my Etonics and my Brooks Ghosts, and I'll give a better review of the Brooks after a run on fresh legs.

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