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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

OK. Tonight, I saw the first screening of Spirit of the Marathon. I love that movie. It is so inspiring. I'd say to anyone who wants to run one, watch this movie first. The producers follow several people who are trying to run the 2005 Chicago Marathon. Some are elites, like Deena Kastor who actually ends up winning the thing. Others are just regular Joes or Jills. But you get caught up in their efforts too. They all finish the race, some with tears in their eyes. I've run two marathons myself and certainly could relate to the joy of crossing the finish line.
I, myself, have decided that I will not run the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth at the end of February. Instead, I'm going to heal up, and train real hard for the White Rock Lake Marathon.... again.


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