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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No more drinking, promise _ at least not during the week.

I keep looking for the one thing that slows my running and I keep saying it's got to be the drinking. And its not like I drink a lot. I drink two glasses of wine _ tops _ probably four to six nights a week. I like cabernets, mostly, hence the name of my blog. I've also been liking syrahs from Australia's Barossa Valley _ yummy. Anyway, I drink because I like the taste of wine and I like discovering new wines and new regions. Its like running. I love it. I used to wonder if I had to give up one _ running or wine _ to keep the other, which one would it be? Well, I have an answer: Wine.
I feel sluggish in the morning, even on two glasses of wine the night before with a full meal. It takes me longer to "warm-up." I don't feel as springy _ my legs feel dead. When I don't drink the night before I run _ when I know I have to run long (two hours or more) or when I'm doing an hour-long tempo run _ I feel pretty good.
So, this is what I'm going to do: No drinking during the week, and just one bottle of wine on the weekends. My running should improve, my weight, which I've written about a lot in these pages, should go down, and because I'm going to limit myself to one bottle during the weekend, then I can spend a little more and get a better quality of wine. Usually, I spend $13 to $18 for a bottle of wine. And sometimes, that's two or three bottles a week. That's $39 to $54 a week on wine. Ouch! The money alone should be an incentive.
We'll see how I do.
Morning weight: 171
Morning run: 6 miles, 49:20, 8:14 pace
Days since last glass of wine: 2

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