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Running in the heat: I deserved a margarita

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Running in the heat: I deserved a margarita

My son Noah is in town and me and his mother, Nancy, promised we'd take him to the Fort Worth Zoo. Early. Before it got over 90 degrees.

So, for me that meant if I wanted to run, I'd have to be out the door before 7 AM

Mission Accomplished. But it was 78 degrees at 6:45 in the morning.

I didn't drink wine the night before running, but I had a lot of pasta and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to "top off" my glycogen stores.

Let me say this: That was too much food. I wanted to throw up running Saturday morning. Not only was it 78 degrees. But the humidity had to be 100 percent.

Still, I got through it. 8.58 miles in 1:19:39. A 9:17 minute-per-mile-pace.

1 - 9:38
2 - 9:03 (had a few swigs of gatorade and felt terrible)
3 - 9:02
4 - 9:28
5 - 9:09
6 - 9:17
7- 9:06
8 - 9:31
8.58 - 5:25

Lessons learned: I should probably eat my biggest meal two days before the long run, instead of 12 hours before a long run. Also: If I'm going to drink gatorade, it needs to be diluted heavily.

And finally: Kiddo doesn't care how tired you might be after a semi-long run in the heat. So, as promised, Noah got his trip to the zoo. (My sister, her husband, and their kiddo came with us). Afterward, I had the biggest Margarita I could buy at Pappasito's and slept for like three hours.

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Blogger Laura said...

Smart to figure it out before your actual long run! I realized last night that while they say not to change anything before a race, in my case, it's probably a good idea to change my normal habits (eating everything in sight the day before, getting drunk the night before, and then only having gatorade during the run). Still haven't decided if I'm going to have any gu (well, actually the race sponsored stuff is Carboom, but I generically call all that stuff gu).

May 25, 2008 at 5:09 AM  

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