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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just shuffling along

Not really training for anything right now. Next marathon isnt until October in Chicago. So, for now, just trying to keep a good base.

Did 16 miles this morning. First six were and out and back through hilly downtown Austin and just beyond the Capitol, last 10 were around Town Lake. Didnt really have a goal in mind. Just run without breathing hard.

Average pace for the run was 7:35, including a "last-mile party" in 7:05 (Stole that line right from Jess, an injured blogger/runner).

The run put me at 51 for the week, my first 50-plus mile week since September when I was training for Portland.

Ran in my Brooks Ghosts. Neutral shoe. Love them. Just love them. Am also working on my nutrition and hydration during mid to long runs. After dinner Friday night and a Margarita and a glass of wine, I drank coconut water before I went to bed, a glass of water before the run, and two Succeed Salt tablets during the run. One at Mile 6 and about three little cups of water, and one at Mile 12 and three more cups of water. That's it. No gells. No GU. And no water anywhere else during the run.

Felt a little stiff during the middle miles, but felt very strong near the end (hence the last mile party) and could have run another three or four miles at the same pace.

So, the deal now is this: I dont eat anything during runs. (I did have a steak, potatoes, and onion rings the night before - thank God I know where the portapotties are on Town Lake). And I dont drink a ton of water.

Seems to be working just fine.


Blogger liz said...

I got a new pair of shoes, the Asics Gel Trainer 15s. I love them more than any other shoe I have ever had!

March 29, 2010 at 10:44 PM  

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