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Friday, February 1, 2008

I got my name in the paper!

Ok, granted, this is like, one month old. But, a month ago today, I ran a 5k and won my age group. This wasn't my fastest time for a 5K, but it is the first time I've run a race where I was faster than everybody as old as me. Its funny, I've written hundreds of newspaper stories, done radio and tv shows in my previous life as a sportswriter, had people come up to me and say they've read something I've written. But, to get my name in the agate of the sportspages, it's like I earned it. I mean, they paid me to be a writer. Nobody paid me to be fast on this day.
On another note, I ran some hills around the university near my apartments. Some very steep, I mean very steep. I only did six miles and I was bushed. I think I need to do these at least twice a month and maybe that will make me stronger when I run marathons.Posted by Picasa


Blogger tww1980 said...

Thanks Kevin for the comments on my blog.....and congrats on winning your AG a month ago.....I like to read what other runners are doing....I will make a point of dropping by yours....BTW.....a lot of family originally from Fort mother was born there and and three generations lived there until moving out here to California after WWII.....great grandmother lived there until her passing in 1986 at 90.....

February 1, 2008 at 11:46 PM  

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