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Saturday, February 2, 2008

My son, his mother, argh!@$$%#@*&

I was supposed to visit my 6-month old son in Austin today. His mother was throwing a "party" for him. We got in an argument last night. I didn't go. Guess I'm a bad guy.
I did go for a 9-mile run today. After a 6-miler Thursday and a tough 6-miler on hills Friday, I was pretty bushed today, and finished 9 miles in 1:22, about a 9:06 minute mile.
Oh, and one more thing. Back in 2002, I swore I would never drink merlot again, and laughed when the movie Sideways came out and there was the scene of Miles saying, "If anyone orders fu-k-ng merlot, I'm leaving." Well, last night, I'm at the World Market in Fort Worth and this old lady that is always serving wine _ her name is Kate _ turned me on to a Merlot from Chile called Santa Ema Reserve from the Maipo Valley. "This is a different kind of Merlot," Kate said. Well, I agree. Yummy. Chocalatey. And only $8.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an adorable son! I am sorry to hear the situation that you are in. I'm sure running helps greatly in dealing with the stress and difficulty that you are going through. Stay strong!


February 8, 2008 at 5:31 PM  

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